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Access new, original insights on workforce eye health.

Discover new data for a diverse workforce in our 2024 Workplace Vision Health Report. Drawn from surveys of 1,600 HR leaders and employees, it uncovers compelling reasons to prioritize vision health, including:

  • 50% of employees say they’re struggling with at least one 
eye issue, impacting their work focus and quality
  • Less than 1 out of 5 are aware eye exams can detect conditions from arthritis to cancer—highlighting the need for increased preventive health education
  • 52% of workers without vision benefits are seriously considering finding a job that offers them
  • 82% of Gen Z works nights and weekends; 54% report declining eye health

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This report isn’t just about vision care; it’s a strategic resource for anyone involved in employee health and benefits. Increase organizational resilience and equip yourself with the data-driven insights to advocate for effective health initiatives.

Download now for practical strategies to support eye care and overall health—spanning all demographics and work arrangements.

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Bring the future of eye health into focus.

Explore care strategies for a diverse workforce.

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